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Dear Friends 

The MWS HQ office will be closed at 12:30pm on 31 December 2014. You may like to note that your donation should reach our office no later than 12 noon on 31 December 2014 to qualify for tax deductions for the calendar year 2014. On behalf of all of us at MWS, thank you for your generosity and compassion in supporting our beneficiaries!

Volunteer & Donate

Help us to continue serving the needy by supporting us, either financially or with your time.

Calling MCS 125 befrienders

Come leave a message on our new MCS 125 Befrienders forum thread.

P.S. you'll need to sign up as a member here first. 

About Methodist Welfare Services

Since 1981, Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) has, in Christian love, provided compassionate help to the poor and needy. Starting with only one home serving the elderly, we expanded our services to support families in distress and subsequently opened centres to nurture disadvantaged children. With God's grace, we will continue to work with our partners in the community so that all may have life to the full.

Our Poll

Communicating with your loved ones

What is your greatest challenge in communicating with your loved ones?

  • Don't know what to talk about
  • Technological gap
  • Other important things, like supervising studies
  • Time